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Blue Chai Tea Nice Cream by Lulu @lulusdreamtown

Mind & taste bud blowing blue nice cream...and so easy!
Created by the talented foodie artist Lulu @lulusdreamtown.
Picture by Lulu.

BLUE NICE CREAM_LULU @lulusdreamtown


How to blue nice cream by Lulu:

  1. Mix blue chai tea with just a little bit of water in a tea cup and let it diffuse for 1 hour
  2. Slice frozen bananas
  3. In a blender add bananas, spirulina, STRIPPD Vegan Protein powder vanilla and the blue chai infused water
  4. Blend the mix
  5. Take it out of blender and half pour into a large bowl
  6. Add sesame seeds and scoop remaining blended mix on top
  7. Add berries, dry coconut and chocolate on top
  8. Enjoy!

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