Easy Galaxy Whey Protein Popsicles




Step 1

Lay out all ingredients on your table.

Step 2

Prepare the blue colour in a bowl. Pour some hot water on a handful of butterfly pea tea flowers

Step 3

Now add one scoop of STRIPPD Whey Lean Protein Powder Mixed Berry and two cups of Greek yoghurt in a blender.

Step 4

Blend until texture is smooth.

Step 5

Divide blend into 3 separate bowls.

Step 6

Mix in colours in each separate bowl. Adding the diluted butterfly pea tea flowers for blue, the blueberry juice concentrate for purple and the beetroot powder for pink.

Step 7

With a spoon add the coloured blend in layers in popsicle molds. The messier it looks, the better it will look later! Once done and popsicles are sealed, pop them into freezer for 6 h.

Step 8

After 6 h in freezer, take out popsicles from their molds, sprinkle some edible sparkles on the top for special effects and…. Enjoy!